If you are planning to visit the Samana Peninsula, you should visit Anadel. Located just at six miles from Santa Barbara downtown, this beach is accessible by taking the Samana -Las Galeras highway. From the town of Sanchez to Punta Balandra, you will find dozens of small and romantic bays that line the south coast of the Samana Peninsula, Anadel is one of them.
Anadel looms peaceful and lonely, as if its own geographic pace does not admits interference beyond its serene and peaceful environment.

Anadel-playa-peninsula-Samana-Republica-DominicanaAnadel – A corner oceanfront
Waves arrives gently to the coast, protected by the peninsula of Samana, and bathing Anadel golden sands with the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Anadel is a name that is already part of Dominican history thanks to the eponymous book by the Dominican writer Julio Vega Batlle, who was inspired by this coastal area to write a “novel food”, described by novelist Manuel Salvador Gautier as “the vicissitudes of a French in Samana bay to know how humanity has been eaten in five thousand years of historical record”.

peninsula-samana-republica-dominicanaTo honor the history, the beach is suitable for camping and outdoor dining, as well as sand has good pieces of grass where to lay a tablecloth. And also has good shades, because not all people are seeking sunny beaches.

In recent years, “Samanses” (people of Samana) to flee to the concentration of people who are on the beaches of Puente and Cayo Levantado (the most visited city of Samaná ) they preffer to go to Anadel to enjoy water sports or spend a relaxing day by the sea.


Anadel-cayenas-del-Mar-Samana-Republica-DominicanaCayenas del Mar – A beach club
If you already know around Santa Barbara and do not feel like carry bags and packages while exploring the beaches, you can show up with the entire family in Anadel and only bring with you a swimwear, because there is a restaurant and a private beach club called “Cayenas del Mar”.

They are experts in seafood and they also offer sunbeds and water sports in Anadel beach, Cayenas del Mar also offers tours to the main attractions of Samana, including whale watching during the months of December through March.