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PUNTA CANA | Public Works Minister, Gonzalo Castillo, left Saturday started work on the construction of several highways and restarting the Tourist Boulevard East, for finalization, noting that this action demonstrates the priority the government being given to tourism in the Dominican Republic.

For the start of major roadworks, Castillo broke ground in a ceremony held on the road Arena Gorda, Bavaro and Punta Cana, along with tourism entrepreneurs, executives of RIZEK and Odebrecht construction, as well as officials and authorities the province.

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He said that the road works whose construction works were implemented are the Ring of San Pedro de Macoris (17 km) , which will have four lanes and were built three distribution as well as the road between this city with La Romana (22 km) .

Work will also be restarted to complete the Beltway La Romana (15 km), the Tourist Boulevard East (30 km) road Macao- Miches – Sabana de la Mar (110 km) . Castillo said that with the exception of the latter route , the above will be finished by December 20 next year, when you start the tourism season .

He said that these road infrastructure ” motivate new investments for the construction of hotel rooms will be needed to accommodate the 10 million tourists that is the goal to which it aspires President Medina to visit us every year , and that they stay with desire return back to the country. “

The owner of Public Works explained that the start and restart of the works carried out following a value engineering process thereof, and have reached an agreement with the contractor Odebrecht , in every detail .

“With this step, the President of the Republic, Danilo Medina, reaffirms its commitment to the development of Tourism in the country,” said Castillo.

He said also the MOPC , on instructions from the President, is working with Samaná, Puerto Plata, among other tourist spots , ” to prepare the country for the upcoming tourist season that starts next December 20 .”

All these works will be completed within approximately 18 months; President Medina has an interest in some of them are ready to December 2013 .

Also stated that these actions are part of the grand strategy is aligning in his institution to comply with the mandates and aspirations of President Medina that Tourism is the engine that “drives the economy of the Dominican Republic”.

He added that the work done by the MOPC in the eastern region of the country, specifically as it relates to the Tourist Boulevard East is a priority , so we are restarting the work to advance and complete this work soon.

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“We as a Ministry of Public Works are refining a strategy to support the vision for development of Tourism in the Republic, because this is the engine that will drive the country’s economic sector , and we have to be necessarily aligned with the vision and declaration of President Danilo Medina, in that sense”, he said .

Castillo said it is of great interest to the government that these works will be delivered in a very short time to facilitate the mobility of thousands of tourists each year who wear the country , and they can get to Santo Domingo and other cities , as the time for transfer will be less than the current one.

At the ceremony to start the construction of infrastructure were the President of Grupo Punta Cana, Frank Ranieri , the President of the Association of Hoteliers, Ernesto Veloz, the Former President of ASONAHORES, Haydee Kuret de Ranieri, who expressed their satisfaction and gratitude for the continued construction of the works.

In addition, executives from Odebrecht, Marcos Cruz, Sergio Zorzi y Rodrigo Medicis, Raúl Rizek, of RIZEK Construction and MOPC officials and authorities in the various provinces of the eastern region , among others.