Electronic festivals celebrated in Dominican Republic have in Desalia its peak . That’s what it was made evident when some 5000 people moved to the beat of pulsating music djs hand this year made ​​the audience dance until Sunday morning.

Bob sinclair in Punta Cana - Desalia

Bob sinclair in Punta Cana – Desalia

The French DJ and producer Bob Sinclar, was the star of a night that as  in each edition, the attendees were dressed in white, which is part of the visual interpretation of rhythm, dancing on the sand on the beach “Cabeza de Toro” in Punta Cana

Bob Sinclar, many prefer to call Sinclair marked global trends in electronics from his native France.

Be recognized by the “French touch” a musical subgenre that explores a new sound side of house music and dancehall.

Christophe Le Friant, his real name, gained popularity by placing on top of the world rankings with “Love Generation” and ” World, Hold On ” from her album ” Western Dream”, in 2006. Its successful hit was “Gym Tonic”.

Sinclar also left footprints with ” Lala Song” by The Sugarhill Gang and “Born in 69”. In 2011, he recorded with Italian Raffaella Carra a revamped version of his classic 70’s “A far l’ amore comincia your” renamed “Far l’ amore (Making Love)”. The topic is part of “Disco Crash” (2012), which contains songs like “Rock the Boat” and “Fuck With You” .

The party in RD
Punta Cana was a party that started from the entrance, where carnival stilt characters and outlandish costumes they welcomed those who came to the party. Arriving at the beach, a stunning white scenario where colorful shapes moving to the beat of the music projected.

The festive event began with the Spanish Luigii and Luke Garcia Nieto, a scenario already known for having participated in previous editions of this show were sponsored by Barceló and Cervecería Nacional Dominicana.

Those DJs followed the young Danny Avila, who ignited the audience with a proposal full of rhythm.

Desalia Party 2014 Punta Cana

Desalia Party 2014 Punta Cana

In the early hours into the show, which involved a group of dancers, who brought variety to the proposal stage, the rain threatened to stop the party, but would not get it because people kept moving on the sand bar mixtures.

At approximately 3:00 am on Sunday took the huge stage the DJ Bob Sinclar, reaffirming that it is one of the most important figures in the electronic genre.

“Goodnight Punta Cana!” He said in perfect Castilian starting two hour show that left the audience satisfied, who stopped not dance and sing popular successes.

The duo Les castizos closed the show, late at night, with its contagious and entertaining mix of indie, rock, house and bachata for a new day of Desalia.

Ron Barceló offered hundreds of its consumers the opportunity to be part of the event , through a spectacular weekend that began on Friday with a party at the Oro nightclub, by DJ Otto Knows , followed with a Pool Party DJ and model Miss Nine .